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What is Endometriosis? 

Acupuncture for endometriosisIf you are reading this, chances are that you or someone you care about is searching for a more natural approach to endometriosis.

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A good emometiorsis specialist will help you develop a clear treatment plan, especially if you are trying to fall pregnant and are worried about fertility treatment with endometriosis.

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    What is an endometriosis diagnosis?

    By definition, endometriosis is invasive and disruptive to normal physiological functioning.

    Endometriosis is diagnosed is graded into 4 stages, and refers to the growth of uterine tissue outside of the uterus. In addition, tissue growth often shows on the ovaries and fallopian tubes, plus the bladder and bowels. 

    Even mild endometriosis can be problematic for some women, and it is always best to address it with a combined approach of western and natural medicine treatment.

    Endometriosis cannot be ignored as it may lead to a host of ongoing health problems. These problems include and are not limited to; fertility problems, weight gain, endometriosis cysts, back and leg pain, bloating, and ovulation pain. Plus, endometriosis on the bowel and bladder may cause a host of problems, there may painful intercourse, or painful and heavy periods. 

    What is endometriosis surgery?

    how endometriosis is diagnosed

    Endometriosis surgery can involve a laparoscopy to remove cysts from the bladder, bowel, uterus, and ovaries. This surgery can be invasive but sometimes is necesarry. Many endometriosis specialists will recommend surgery if you are suffering from endometriosis infertility. 

    In our Melbourne clinic, we see so many women suffering from endo without the proper care or support they need. This is in part due to the fact that Western medicine is very limited in its ability to treat or cure endometriosis. 

    The symptoms of having endometriosis can be severe to the point of debilitating. You can be so overcome by the pain you cannot get out of bed, let alone get along with your day.

    According to, one out of 10 Australian women struggle with endometriosis.

    What is the treatment for endometriosis?

    The current western medical treatment for endometriosis involves minimizing pain. This is achieved with drugs such as naproxen and the use of oral contraceptives (synthetic hormones).

    According to the above-mentioned website, “Medical treatments can be associated with side effects such as spot bleeding, break-through bleeding, bloating, nausea, weight gain, and depression. Skin changes (oily or spotty skin) may occur as an elevation in blood pressure.”

    endometriosis surgeryIn some cases, endometriosis specialists may recommend surgical treatment or a hysterectomy (removal of the uterus). A hysterectomy in and of itself can create more problems and carries a risk of further damage to internal organs.

    The website also mentions that even after surgical treatment, 35% of women experience a re-occurrence of symptoms. These symptoms include heavy bleeding, chronic pelvic pain, painful periods, and cysts on the ovarian tissue.

    The good news is that there are other treatment options available. For example, acupuncture with endometriosis that may help to reduce muscular cramping pain and stress associated with endometriosis. This may result in you having a better quality of life. It may also mean you avoid the need for ongoing synthetic hormone use, painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs, IUD’s (intrauterine devices) plus surgical intervention.

    Endometriosis and fertility.

    Fertility with endometriosis is a hot topic! Naturally, many women seek to reduce endometriosis to help them with fertility treatment and pregnancy.

    Because a lot of uncertainty remains around the cause of endometriosis, a cure is still evasive. Is endometriosis autoimmune? Is endometriosis hereditary? Mild endometriosis can be a big problem for some, wheras severe stage 4 endometriosis may not affect you at all!

    There is still ongoing research into how and what causes endo. The one thing that is fairly certain however, is that it can lead to infertility. 

    endometriosis fertilitySome of the best endometriosis specialists in Melbourne ( see our list below) will recognize this and do everything possible to help you maintain optimal fertility. Many specialists will try to remove endometriosis on the ovaries and uterus, to help keep your fertility intact, and minimize scarring.

    Endometriosis and pregnancy.

    Often a woman with chronic stage 4 endometriosis will fall pregnant, which is wonderful! We see this often in our acupuncture clinic, Which gives hope to all women and couples. 

    Then follows the worry about how their body will react to endometriosis when pregnant. The good news is, that often a woman can go full term without complications from endo when pregnant, and deliver a healthy, happy baby. 

    Everybody is different of course, and all of this will depend on your specific diagnosis, what stage thickness, and other contributing factors. it’s always best to keep a close eye on your pregnancy with your endometriosis specialist alongside you.

    What about acupuncture for endometriosis?

    endometriosis specialist melbourne

    There is ongoing research on how acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can assist women who are suffering from endometriosis. 

    Our endometriosis acupuncture treatment approach may be useful in addressing muscular cramping, back pain and discomfort, plus helping with the emotional stress and fatigue, associated with endometriosis.

    In addition, Chinese medicine and acupuncture may assist with the pain associated with dysmenorrhea (or period pain), and help you through your period by helping fight fatigue and reduce tension levels.

    Endometriosis can interfere with a woman’s intimate relationships fertility, work, and social life, which can trigger a deep resentment and anger towards their condition. This, in turn, may lead to ongoing depression and a feeling of helplessness.

    Chinese medicine is renowned for having a positive impact on your stress levels and emotional well-being, with well-documented stress and pain-relieving properties.

    We also work with you through our health guidance and coaching, to help you reduce endometriosis bloating and boost weight loss, and the associated autoimmune impacts that endo can have on you. Diet plays a huge role in endo!

    What is the acupuncture endometriosis treatment approach?

    endometriosis bloating

    From a Chinese medicine perspective endometriosis is simply seen as a disruption of the normal flow of blood and energy through the uterus and abdominal cavity. This can be likened to many other autoimmune diseases, which are seen as a disruption of normal body functions.

    Our acupuncture endometriosis treatment option would be aimed at gently ‘asking’ the body to use its own inherent healing capabilities to clear blockages and resume normal functioning. When your body is back in balance and your immune system is not overacting, you might experience a reprieve from heavy bleeding, an improvement in the menstrual cycle, and less painful periods.

    Your Chinese medicine doctor will often approach your symptoms from a few different angles with the intention of giving you the best possible chance of recovery.

    These include gentle acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for endometriosis pain, dietary and lifestyle changes, addressing emotional states and held unhelpful beliefs, endometriosis diet tips and foods, supplements, plus topical treatments such as a castor oil pack or a heat pack.

    (Check out our blog post on our top three remedies for endometriosis here).

    How to make a castor oil pack for endometriosis

    In this short video, Dr. Sheena will show you how to make and use your own castor oil pack for endometriosis and pelvic pain.

    What you will need:

    • A bottle of organic cold-pressed castor oil
    • 1 x 500 ml jar or glass container
    • A soft absorbent cloth (like a Chux super wipe)
    • Glad wrap or a plastic bag
    • A heat pack or hot water bottle


    It’s been recommended to me to have a laparoscopy or hysterectomy. Can you help?

    Many women with severe endometriosis have been recommended to have a hysterectomy. Uterine removal is one thing our doctors aim to help you avoid if at all possible, through helping the body be more balanced with Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

    The uterus plays an important role in several normal female physiological processes to do with the skin, digestion, sleep, and mood, plus helping to regulate healthy aging. Not to mention it is essential for fertiltiy.

    Currently, the removal of the uterus for endometriosis or fibroids is a very commonplace procedure in Western medicine, but new research is showing us that keeping the uterus intact can be much more beneficial to overall health.

    Laparoscopy for endometriosis is less destructive than a hysterectomy, and the more common treatment these days. This however can lead to scarring and fertility issues, if not done properly.

    Having keyhole surgery to remove tissue can also be very disruptive and create further damage in the pelvic cavity, so it could be useful to have support when undergoing this process from your Chinese medicine doctor.


    endometriosis and adenomyosis

    What’s the difference between endometriosis and adenomyosis?

    A lot of women with adenomyosis are confused about endometriosis vs adenomyosis.

    The main point of difference is that adenomyosis is a thickening of the muscle of the uterine wall ( bulky uterus) where endometriosis is the bleeding of endometrial cysts or lesions into the abdominal cavity.

    Adenomyosis diagnosis and treatment tend to involve drugs to ‘starve’ the growth of tissue, and adenomyosis can also impact fertility. Adenomyosis and pregnancy can sometimes be an issue, and it is always best to have your specialist team around you to help you through the pregnancy.

    Acupuncture can also assist in the pain of adenomyosis with menstrual bleeding.

    How long can endometriosis treatment take?

    As endometriosis is chronic and often long-standing, don’t be surprised if your Chinese medicine doctor recommends ongoing treatment with acupuncture for pain for at least 6 months or more, depending on the severity.

    If a woman’s goal is to avoid surgery (particularly a hysterectomy), then going through a treatment process with her Chinese medicine doctor with the goal to possibly avoid surgery could be one of her best options.

    Our acupuncturists often work alongside some of the best endometriosis specialists in Melbourne to help you maximize the benefits of surgery and drug treatment.

    Endometriosis Specialist Melbourne

    Endometriosis acupuncture in Melbourne: is it the cure to endometriosis?

    Unfortunately, acupuncture cannot be said to be the cure to endometriosis ( although this would be wonderful!)

    However, it is important to note that whilst we make no promises to “cure” endometriosis pain, our holistic and gentle approach may help to improve your outlook and quality of life. Endometriosis is so much more than just excess tissue growth, it is an expression of a woman’s overall health and well-being.

    We can certainly assist with the pain of endo in relation to your cycle, fertility treatment, ovarian and uterine health, and help you manage the stress associated with endometriosis with fertility and pregnancy.

    Our goal is to help you overcome health challenges you can affect, and make peace with the ones you cannot.

    The best endometriosis specialist Melbourne

    If you are on the hunt for the best endometriosis specialist in Melbourne, we have one recommendation for you. Although this is a single recommendation and only our opinion when you are looking for best endometriosis specialist in Melbourne you should always use your own discretion.

    Qi Medicine acupuncture recommends the following endometriosis specialists in Melbourne. 

    Dr. Simon Gordon: Gynaecologist, Endo Health Melbourne 

    Dr. Simon Gordon is a specialist in advanced laparoscopic surgery, and in particular for patients with endometriosis, complex cysts, bladder and bowel endometriosis, and chronic pelvic pain.

    He undertakes many forms of minimally invasive gynecological surgery including management of severe bowel adhesions, total laparoscopic hysterectomy, and management of heavy periods.

    We find Dr. Simon to be a professional and gentle gynecologist, who possesses an excellent bedside manner and puts the woman’s wishes first. If you are seeking help with fertility treatment and endometriosis, Dr. Simon can be great for this.

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