Acupuncture with fertility (and is there such a thing as a fertility acupuncturist?)


If you answered YES to one or more of these, then we know we can help you!
Read on to find out more about acupuncture and the role it plays in your fertility fitness.

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What does fertility acupuncture mean?

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Updated  23rd May 2024

Many women and couples contact Qi Medicine looking for a Melbourne fertility clinic. Our clients are usually seeking IVF acupuncture or more natural fertility help.

They may have heard that an acupuncturist for fertility could somehow help them. A few report that ‘a friend fell pregnant with acupuncture’ and they wanted to give it a try.

Perhaps you are feeling let down by other fertility therapies? And perhaps you are willing to try something more natural for success in having a healthy baby!

So, what does Chinese medicine have to offer? And what does the best fertility acupuncture in Melbourne actually mean?

At our Chinese medicine clinic, we can offer a range of useful treatments. These include but are not limited to; IVF support with adjunct IVF acupuncture, or acupuncture to help reduce pain and stress during your natural fertility journey.

Want to know if we are the right fertility team for you? Book a complimentary 10-minute discovery call with one of our team.

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    What are the key issues you would like to discuss with us?

    Why we love working with fertility clients over 30 years old

    Are you over 30 and concerned about your chances of falling pregnant?

    Age can certainly play a factor, however, we believe this need not be a significant barrier.

    Yes, our bodies, eggs, and ovaries do age, and males can produce less high-quality sperm due to poor health.

    However with the right tweaks in lifestyle, and nutrition, the correct fertility plan, and good guidance through the process, your chances of having a baby can be improved.

    And at our clinic, we LOVE working with you if you:

    • Are over 30 ( but under 30’s always welcome too!)
    • Have a history of some health issues, such as thyroid issues, PCOS or PCO, endometriosis
    • Have previous chemical pregnancies or miscarriage
    • Tried IVF, IUI, or are thinking about it 


    Are we a fertility clinic?

    It is important to understand that we are not an IVF clinic, we are not IVF doctors (or gynecologists), and the term “fertility acupuncture” is a bit of a misnomer.  

    What this means is that there is no way the needles can make you pregnant! (Although this would be great if they could, wouldn’t it?).

    What we can absolutely do, is help you be in the best shape you can be for conception to occur with holistic approaches.

    An update from research from July 2022 shows that online fertility education material can increase their ability to make better fertility decisions [3]. Imagine having your very own fertility coach through the whole process and into pregnancy!

    Chances are if you are reading this, you would love to know more about how acupuncture works. As health professionals, it is our duty of care to help you understand what is, and what is not possible, with acupuncture and conception- so read on.


    How does acupuncture help with pregnancy?

    Melbourne IVF support clinic

    At Qi Medicine Acupuncture Melbourne our fertility focus is to provide therapy that may help couples and individuals through the confusion, stress, and pain that comes with any fertility journey. 

    This is including natural fertility support, surrogacy, same-sex couples, and individuals, plus ICSI, IUI, IVF, and other assisted reproductive technologies.

    Acupuncture simply helps to prepare our body in several ways for optimum fertile health (such as reducing the emotional pain and physical stress that inevitably comes with these processes).

    This can help give you an edge that may contribute to your overall success.


    What causes infertility?

    Getting pregnant can sometimes be a rocky road; there are many known factors that can affect your ability to start a family.

    More well-known factors that contribute to difficulties in conceiving include stress, diet, environmental toxins, age, and sperm issues.

    There also may be other factors at play that need to be investigated including polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, NK cells, sperm antibodies, thyroid issues, ovulation issues, and autoimmune problems, just to name a few.

    Fertility issues can only sometimes be better understood when a deeper investigation takes place.

    Our team works with research and evidence-based approaches from Western medicines. We then marry these approaches with the balanced wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine.

    Of course, there is also what is known as unexplained infertility. Unexplained infertility can be quite distressing to couples who are ready to start a family.

    We want to help you understand how these factors affect you, so you might be able to overcome them in the most natural, easiest way possible.


    What makes us so good at understanding infertility?Fertility Acupuncture Melbourne

    Here in the acupuncture clinic, we don’t like to leave things to chance.

    In order to get really clear of what is standing in the way of your reaching your goal of natural fertility, our acupuncturists perform a fertility 150-point check before and during your initial consultation with us, and throughout your treatment timeline.

    This is why we ask you to complete a comprehensive initial consultation form, plus ask a ton of questions before we even begin treatment!

    But our point of difference is being extremely thorough, and getting clear of all the factors at play.

    In addition, we will ask you for a list of blood tests, scans, and tests from other fertility services, to help get a clearer picture of your likely success rate.

    Sometimes, other fertility specialists may wait until a number of failed assisted reproductive cycles before they request these vital tests.

    At our acupuncture clinic, we like to be on the front foot, ruling out factors as early as possible so you can get the most out of your fertility services.

    We don’t like to wait until after three miscarriages to do a deeper investigation.

    Only once we know what could be causing your infertility, do we then give you an action plan you can put into place straight away.

    This will help you feel more in control of your fertility health.


    How do we work with your primary healthcare provider and fertility specialists?

    fertility clinic

    Our Chinese medicine doctors have great respect for your primary and ancillary health care providers.

    We love to collaborate with your IVF specialist, fertility specialist, GP, gynecologist or physiotherapist. And we work together with your health care providers to ensure we provide you with the best treatment possible.

    As an acupuncturist for fertility health, we certainly do not take an either/or approach to medicine types.

    We believe that all therapies have something great to offer. So why not use the best bits from all of them?

    We think this is the best approach for you and your family, and we are always open to incorporating other therapies you may want to try.


    Let us help you take control of baby overwhelm.

    does fertility acupuncture work

    When you meet with one of our acupuncturists for fertility reasons, we assess your health from all angles. Just some of the factors we take into account include both male and female reproductive health, diet, lifestyle, and emotional and environmental factors.

    As with all medicine (IVF included!), we can never guarantee or make promises as to your outcomes, which of course is mostly up to nature.

    What we can do is help set your body up for potential success. This may look like better health for natural conception or through IVF and acupuncture.

    The focus of our trained Chinese medicine practitioners at our Melbourne acupuncture clinic with fertility is to help you achieve the highest level of wellness possible.

    We help minimise the stress and pain of fertility treatments, and to keep you balanced through IVF treatments.

    The journey to success is never straightforward and can take time. Our compassionate therapists aim to support your physical and emotional health each step of the way.


    Why would you use acupuncture and Chinese medicine as an adjunct therapy to fertility treatments?

    Women’s health is so important to natural fertility and ivf treatments.

    There has been good quality research papers to suggest that the health of mums and dads during fertility treatments has a large role to play in the health of the conceived child.

    Maternal and paternal health before and during pregnancy may affect several risk factors. These include the risks of childhood obesity, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and even the mental health of a child.

    infertility clinic

    It is also well understood that the health of mums and dads can affect their ability to conceive. Factors such as smoking, diet, stress levels, alcohol, and nutrient intake all affect your chances.

    Making positive habit changes and reducing stress isn’t always easy to do on your own. Sometimes you need extra help to regulate your system or reduce your stress levels, before thinking about having children.

    This is where we feel that our offerings, when used as an adjunct to fertility treatments or IVF, really shine.

    We take into account gynecological issues, urogenital issues, nutrient issues, psychological and emotional and lifestyle and habits. One of our goals is to help you reduce stress and pain and find greater balance in your life.

    Think of us as the team in your corner, your acupuncturist for fertility fitness, helping you get some perspective and guiding you through the process.


    Male infertility and sperm health

    ivf process

    Currently, there is a laser focus on women and female health when it comes to issues with reproduction. And even though this is important, the father’s health, which is also equally important tends to be ignored.

    How do you discuss fertility with guys? Find out how in our post on male infertility here.

    One good example of a man’s health affecting fertility is research showing us that male smokers have a lower sperm count and have shown sperm abnormalities. This could potentially prevent conception.[1]

    Partners of male smokers are also likely to have more difficulties before they can get pregnant and they tend to suffer more miscarriages.[2]

    Looking at sperm motility and morphology and advising men about their diet, nutrition, lifestyle and stress levels are among the many ways we strive to support men’s health. This can in turn lead to healthy sperm and a healthy papa!


    Should I be worried about male fertility?

    So, there’s been some talk lately about sperm health taking a bit of a hit worldwide!

    It’s not all doom and gloom, but researchers have been noticing a potential decline in sperm quality and fertility rates among men in different parts of the globe. You know, something we should definitely keep an eye on!

    Sperm healthThere are a bunch of factors in play here.

    Environmental stuff is a biggie, with pollutants, chemicals, and pesticides potentially messing with male reproductive health. And you won’t believe it – those everyday items we use, like plastics and personal care products, might have these sneaky endocrine-disrupting chemicals that mess with our hormones and sperm production.

    Our lifestyle choices aren’t helping either.

    Poor diets, sitting around all day, smoking, heavy drinking, and stressing out can all team up to give sperm a hard time. Plus, if we’re carrying extra weight, it seems to have an impact on sperm counts and function too.

    You know how we’re surrounded by tech all the time?

    Well, researchers are also looking into whether that might be a factor. They’re investigating if all the radiation from laptops and smartphones could have something to do with it.

    So should I be worried about my partner’s fertility health?

    Look, it’s not all set in stone, and there’s still a lot to learn. But we should definitely be aware of these potential factors and keep the conversation going. Staying healthy, being mindful of what we’re exposed to, and making some positive lifestyle changes could be key to keeping our swimmers in top shape!

    Want to know more about how to help male fertility at our Melbourne acupuncture clinic? One of our doctors can provide you with a tonne of useful and practical advice in your consultation.


    A traditional Chinese medicine perspective on reproduction.

    Compared to some Western medicine, the Chinese medicine approach is to spend time addressing issues that may be impacting your overall health.

    Did you know that it takes around four months for a sperm to reach maturation? And although women ovulate monthly, chronic hormonal imbalances (such as high-stress levels and adrenal burnout) can negatively affect a woman’s cycle.

    Time spent on pre-care can help to reduce problems such as high stress, improving your health and vitality when it comes time to start trying.

    infertility Chinese medicine

    Our experienced Chinese medicine practitioners can educate you, to help you understand your cycle and the process of conception.

    There is a delicate interplay of hormones that is good to get your head around, so you can be better prepared for fluctuations.

    Your acupuncturist for fertility health will help you understand the best time of your cycle to conceive naturally ( as with BBT tracking, cervical mucus, etc). In addition, you will be educated on what relaxation methods, exercise, and nutrition could be of benefit.


    Menstrual irregularities interfering with fertility

    When looking to conceive, it is always prudent to address cycle issues that may be causing problems. Sometimes your issue may be that you fail to ovulate (anovulation) have irregular periods (oligomenorrhea), or even no period (amenorrhea).

    On occasion, your fertility may be affected by conditions such as PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) or endometriosis.

    Endometriosis and fertility is a major issue for many Australian women. Many women worry about the connection between endometriosis and infertility, or endometriosis when pregnant.

    Fortunately, Chinese medicine has a unique view and understanding of how to diagnose endometriosis. Acupuncture can be useful in treating endometriosis symptoms such as pain. 

    Of course, we cannot make you fall pregnant with needles alone with fertility acupuncture in Melbourne. However, we can educate and empower you, and change that which we can control!

    Read more about acupuncture for endometriosis pain here.

    Best fertility acupuncture MelbourneIf you are having issues conceiving, it is always recommended you visit your GP or fertility clinic to undergo standard Western medical testing. These tests are essential to see if there may be an underlying issue, particularly if you have one of the above conditions.

    For women, this may be a test for blocked fallopian tubes, a pelvic exam or laparoscopy, and a blood test. For men, this may be a sperm test, blood test, andrology check and a physical examination.


    How our therapists support you each step of the way

    At Qi Medicine, our fertility acupuncturist do not follow a one size fits all approach.

    We understand that everyone’s needs and medical conditions are different. Because of this, we do all we can to find the best treatment method for every couple.

    Our care plan may include the following:

    • Working with your GP for a health screen to check for infections, tubal blockages, adenomyosis, endometriosis, hormonal health
    • Detoxification, diet, and nutrition
    • Management of stress and exercise
    • Tracking and understanding your cycle (BBT charting)
    • Pain relief
    • Education on the natural fertility process and success rates of ivf treatments
    • Environmental and lifestyle changes
    • Being your acupuncturist for fertility wellness and helping you control what you can

    Once we have determined which areas of health and wellness you need support, we will create your individual treatment plan with the intention of you to achieve a successful pregnancy with our help.

    We have a strong focus on emotional well-being through this process. Your acupuncturist will use acupuncture and Chinese medicine to reduce stress and pain throughout your journey. This naturally makes the whole process much easier to manage.

    As your acupuncturist for fertility wellness, we take a holistic and thorough approach, and help your control what you can, and make peace with what you cannot.


    Acupuncture: supporting IVF in Melbourne

    acupuncture melbourne fertility

    We understand how worrying and tedious the IVF process can be. We know how difficult it is to keep numerous appointments, scans, and the burden of “not knowing”.

    Add to this the financial burden and the emotional strain this can place on you and your family.

    IVF is a very different process from natural conception/ natural fertility.

    In the process, there is a regime of special drugs to assist in the maturation of the follicle to create a viable egg (blastocyst). This process stimulates egg growth over and above what your body would produce naturally.

    In addition, you may undergo ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) to help the sperm fertilise the egg outside of the uterus.

    The state of health of both you and your partner/ donor during this process could impact the overall success rate of IVF.


    IVF in Melbourne

    The IVF process

    In the IVF process timeline, your fertility cycle is managed with medications and close monitoring.

    It is often a game of wait-and-see, to tell if you are a good candidate for egg retrieval.

    Because each person is different, individuals react differently to medications. our fertility clinic will often need to experiment with different combinations of medications to get it right.

    This can often mean several IVF injections and can increase the cost of IVF.

    IVF in Melbourne is growing in popularity, so much so that fertility clinics can barely keep up with demand.

    Unfortunately, this may mean that sometimes you are not taken through the process and IVF success rates as thoroughly as they could be. This may result in an increase in the cost of IVF with multiple rounds and egg retrievals.

    Your fertility acupuncturist at Qi Medicine will have a solid understanding of the fertility and IVF process and can act as your guides to help fill in the gaps.

    This can help you get a better understanding of your fertility groundwork. IVF in Melbourne can be costly, and we want you to have as few rounds as possible!

    Watch our video on why your IVF is not working, and what you can do about it.

    Acupuncture IVF: How acupuncture works with IVF

    acupuncture with ivf

    It is generally accepted amongst health professionals that high stress can adversely affect IVF success rates. Acupuncture is a useful and powerful tool you can use to manage this factor.

    Acupuncture IVF support works quickly and easily to reduce your stress and pain. In addition, acupuncture will not interfere with IVF drugs in any way.

    We provide acupuncture IVF support by helping you understand how Chinese herbal medicines and acupuncture can work alongside the IVF procedure.

    Our practitioners aim to educate and empower, whilst supporting your health as much as possible with natural medicine.

    We will look at your fertility diagnosis and and consider your current state of health. We then work to rebalance your system from a Chinese medicine perspective.

    This gentle approach can be a useful adjunct therapy to IVF. It is also a great stress-buster when things get a little overwhelming.

    We naturally want you to have a little bundle of joy as much as you. We will do whatever we can to help you through the IVF process!

    So, even though Melbourne fertility acupuncture isn’t actually a thing ( we can’t make you pregnant, with needles alone), there is so much we can do to support you in many other ways.


    Which assisted reproductive IVF fertility clinic is best?

    We take acupuncture referrals from and recommend a number of Melbourne IVF fertility clinics. These include; Monash IVF, Centre for Infertility (dr Nicholas Lolatgis) , City Fertility, Melbourne IVF, and other obstetricians and midwives working privately. 


    acupuncturist for fertility MelbourneWe also recommend a number of Melbourne IVF fertility doctors/ fertility specialists:

    Looking for an IVF fertility clinic in Melbourne? Here are just some of those with ivf treatments we recommend.

    • Dr. Nick Lolatgis (Monash IVF): We have found Dr. Nick Lolatgis (also at Centre for Infertility) to be a passionate, hardworking, and dedicated IVF specialist. At his fertility clinic, Dr. Nick works hard to think outside the box for fertility treatments and is especially adept at assisting with long term unexplained infertility and Natural Killer (NK) cells.
    • Dr. Lynn Burmeister (No.1 Fertility): Lynn is a nearby fertility expert who is deeply acquainted with the IVF process. Her fertility clinic can take a holistic approach when needed and is an early adopter of potentially beneficial therapies.
    • Dr. Manuela Toledo (Melbourne IVF): Manuela at Melbourne IVF fertility clinic is an extremely empathic and open-minded doctor, who regularly explores all options that could be leading to your infertility. One of the leading doctors of IVF Australia, Manuela should be a top consideration if you have had a challenging or complicated fertility journey.
    • Dr. Melissa Cameron (Melbourne IVF) :
    • Dr. Melissa Cameron at Melbourne IVF Has an interest in working with women with endometriosis and fibroids and is extremely thorough in her investigations and fertility testing. Melissa is also keenly interested in helping same-sex couples, people who are transgender and gender diverse, and single women create a family through the Melbourne IVF donor programme.

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