Can Stress Impact Fertility?

how stress affects fertility

Can stress affect fertility? The short answer is YES!

Stress can and does impact our fertility and our chance of conception.

When we experience stress, perceived or real, the amygdala, the part of the brain that deals with emotional processing, and sends a signal to the hypothalamus (our command center).

This, in turn, sends a message to the rest of the body via our nervous system that we are in danger so the body goes into ‘fight and flight mode’. Our heart rate increases, our blood pressure rises, we become hyper-alert and our muscles tighten so we can run faster in order to get away from the danger.

Stress in fertility in modern times

how stress affects fertilityIn these modern times, however, the real danger is rare but daily stressors are on a steep incline. More and more people spend more time during the day in this fight and flight mode.

By staying in a constant state of ‘fight and flight’ the HPA axis of the body consisting of the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland, and the adrenal cortex become overstimulated.

All of this is bad news for the reproductive system which is one of the first systems of the body to be deprived of blood and oxygen when we are in a prolonged state of stress.

When the hypothalamus is too busy releasing stress hormones like cortisol and catecholamine and the adrenal cortex is releasing adrenaline, there is no capacity for the body to release the love hormones to help with conception.

It is good to remember once again that the reproductive organ, such as the uterus and ovaries, are made up of vascular soft tissue and need to have a good supply of blood and oxygen to work efficiently. The hypothalamus is responsible for releasing hormones needed for a regular menstrual cycle and for ovulation to occur.

How trying-to-conceive mothers can manage stress.

One option we at Qi Medicine recommend is acupuncture, which can help people relax and feel more in balance. Our practitioners can help support you with all your stress and muscular tension.

Acupuncture is clinically proven to help reduce stress and can help ‘reset’ the flight or fight response in the body, so you are not so constantly on edge all the time. With treatment, you may be able to boost fertility by virtue of reducing the stress response via acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

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Another option to manage stress, so as to be in the most fertile state is through remedial massage at our Moonee Ponds clinic. Massage can relax muscles, calm the nervous system, and help ground you into a state of relaxed bliss.

Yoga and meditation is also another helpful option for managing stress. We have many posts on yoga for fertility which you can check out here.

Now that you know how stress affects fertility, we hope you feel more empowered and in control, and ready to take the next step towards starting a family. If you would like to discuss how stress and health may be impacting your fertility, contact the clinic for a consultation today with one of our experienced doctors of Chinese medicine or masseuse.


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