What is endometriosis | Treatment for endometriosis

What is endometriosis

Do you have endometriosis? You may be suffering the symptoms of pain, infertility, heavy periods, mood swing and irritability, and looking for a natural endometriosis treatment option.

Endometriosis has become very well-known and is continuing to become more and more frequently diagnosed affecting 1 in 10 women, and 50% of women with infertility.


Where does endometriosis occur?

Endometriosis is a condition where tissue resembling the uterine lining (called endometrial tissue) appears and grows outside of the uterus.

What is endometriosisThis growth can develop on the bladder, bowels, but most commonly, the fallopian tubes, ovaries, and around the uterus.

With a normal monthly cycle, the uterine lining will multiply, break down, and then bleed to produce the period each month (this function is influenced by our hormones).

Similarly, in the cycle of a woman without endo, this process will also occur, but the bleeding tissue is not in an area that allows the growth and release of blood, or the flushing away of the endometrial tissue.

This, sadly, can cause inflammation, swelling, menstrual pain, and pain in and around the organs, during the pre-menstrual phase and during your period.

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What is the cause of endometriosis?

The cause of endometriosis is still largely unknown in Western medicine. There are links with family history (Women who have a close relative with the condition are up to 7–10 times more likely to get endometriosis)¹.

According to the Jean Hailes website (www.jeanhailes.org.au), other possible factors that may have a role in causing endometriosis are:

  • Having first pregnancy at an older age
  • Heavy bleeding during periods, and periods lasting longer than five days
  • First period before 11 years of age
  • Regularly having fewer than 27 days between periods, or having shorter regular cycles
  • Changes in the immune cells
  • Low body weight
  • Alcohol use


The treatment for endometriosis

The therapeutic approach is different to other gynecological conditions such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), as your ovulation is generally working well or sufficiently, but instead, there are blockages physically obstructing the fertility process.

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Endo approaches in Western medicine

Hormone therapy

In Western medicine, treatment can include drugs that may relieve the pain and/or slow the growth of endometrial tissue. These drugs will either put the body into a ‘menopause-like’ state or actually trick the body into thinking it is pregnant.

These drugs are not practical if you are trying to get pregnant of course, as are mainly birth control pills or implants.

Surgical removal

Surgery is also another option that will remove built-up tissue in areas in which it is not meant to be.

The types of surgery include a laparoscopy to remove the tissue from the internal organs. For severe endo, you may also be recommended a hysterectomy that removes the uterus, cervix, and ovaries. A hysterectomy is most certainly the last stage option, as may prevent you from having children, and may cause other problems in and of itself.

The limitations of treatment in Western medicine is that it will not address the root cause of endo(which is still largely unknown in Western Medicine) and that surgery can be invasive.

Removal of endometrial tissue has been found to enhance fertility for a time after removal, however, when endometrial tissue grows back, the same fertility complications can re-occur.

Having said that, sometimes in severe cases, surgical removal is necessary and beneficial, especially when trying to conceive.


How is endometriosis viewed in Chinese Medicine?

In Chinese medicine, endometriosis is viewed in a way that is very similar to Western medicine as a blockage in, most commonly, the reproductive systems.

Chinese medicine for crampsChinese medicine views endometriosis as blood stagnation that hinders the normal functioning of the body and the stagnation then causes pain and inflammation.

Unlike Western medicine, however, traditional Chinese medicine understands that generally there are other complications and blockages (pathologies) that occur either alongside or have been the cause of the blood stagnation forming.

This makes up the rich, (and sometimes very complicated) health environment, whereby all systems and organs of the body are interconnected, and interdependent, and must be treated as such.

Due to there being so many different pathologies that can link to endometriosis, it is always best to consult with your Chinese medicine doctor, to discuss your own individual health issues and needs, for the best outcomes.


What is the treatment for endometriosis pain in Chinese medicine?

acupuncture treatment for endometriosisAcupuncture can be an effective tool in the ongoing management and treatment for endometriosis pain.

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By reducing the pain you may experience a significant improvement in your quality of life.

Also, we have a tonne of great tools to help you manage endometriosis pain naturally by;

Further, we also help to coach you through your health challenges with diet and lifestyle changes, to help you achieve your fertility goals.

We help you understand how your body works best, so you can install healthy habits to use for a healthy cycle, a healthy pregnancy, and beyond.

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What’s next?

Whether you are fed up with the pain of endometriosis, or it is making it difficult for you to conceive, we are always open to helping you understand your body better and achieving your ultimate health goals.

If you would like to have a 10-minute chat with one of our Chinese medicine doctors to find out how we can help you, get in touch with one of our friendly reception staff on (03) 8394 7665.


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