Non-surgical sciatica treatment

Muscle and nerve diagram for sciatic nerve

Are you looking for a natural sciatica treatment in Melbourne?

Sciatica pain is a general term for pain that radiates from the buttock, down the leg and even into the foot. It can be chronic, painful and debilitating and can be caused by a number of common issues. If you are looking for a sciatica treatment in Melbourne then acupuncture could be your answer.

Sciatica from nerve compression

True sciatica occurs when the sciatic nerve which runs from the back, through the buttock area is compressed by surrounding muscles, a bulging disc, or otherwise compressed in some way. These issues often stem from lower back problems so a holistic approach which addresses not only the cause but the resulting pain is often needed.

Sciatica from muscle tightness

Tightness and instability in the pelvic and hip muscles can cause a pain that may be labeled as sciatica. Although the sciatic nerve may not be directly affected, this can often be painful and difficult to treat.

Qi Medicine offers a sciatica treatment aimed at reducing excess muscle tightness along with giving you special sciatica exercises to improve your pelvic stability. All of these factors may help you find long-term pain relief and freedom from your nagging pain.

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