Skin needling in hormonal acne and scarring

acupuncture for acne performed in Essendon

Hormonal acne is a chronic inflammatory disease affecting the sebaceous glands and ducts and hair follicles. It is a condition that can be difficult to treat and often involved the use of powerful chemicals and anti-inflammatory drugs over the long term.

Cystic acne

Deep inflammatory pustules which can be difficult to remove and can remain for weeks to months. Cystic acne can be the most debilitating form of acne, as pustules can be extremely large, red and sore. This type of acne is often seen s ‘heat’ and ‘dampness’ in the body which needs to be cleared. Skin needling may be beneficial after this acne has been addressed with holistic medicine.

PMS or hormonal acne

Hormonal acne is one of the most common forms and typically affecting women, this type of acne is commonly red, painful and will often occur around or before period time. Commonly related to other symptoms including cramping, bloating and mood swings, Chinese medicine, skin needling and acupuncture will focus on balancing the hormones in the system to help relieve that pain and stress associated with hormonal imbalances and PMS.

Teenage acne

Teenage acne is another common form of hormonal acne and can lead to scarring later in life. This is also often seen in Chinese medicine as ‘damp’ and ‘heat’ in the system and can resolve completely if treated early in combination with dietary changes. Often the stress of adolescence can be a major issue for most teens and so acupuncture and a skin needling treatment can also be geared towards reducing stress levels in young adults.

Acne scarring

Acne scarring can seem permanent and difficult to treat. A potential option for the treatment of acne scars is skin needling. Skin needling does not require any lasers, peels or harsh chemicals and will gently promote the healing of old acne scars. Skin needling may gently break down old scar tissue and over several treatments can promote pink, healthy skin to grow in the area.


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