Acupuncture during stage 4 restrictions Melbourne

Acupuncture COVID

Can I get acupuncture during Stage 4 lockdown at Qi Medicine?

Firstly, we can’t thank you enough for all you have endured, changed, sacrificed, and put up with through this, you are the reason we are able to find this path to normality.

So, thanks to you –we can open ( with some limitations) as of next Monday the 28th of September.

What are the limitations?

There are four reasons as set out by the government you may attend acupuncture:

  • You are experiencing pain or emotional distress
  • Your health condition has deteriorated or will worsen without treatment
  • You need an assessment to review your treatment plan
  • You require pre or post-operative care.

If you meet any of these, then you’re welcome to get treatment from Monday the 28th of September.

You simply need to let us know that you are suffering and that you feel that acupuncture will help get you back on track.

If this is you, then you can email us at or call the clinic on (03) 8394 7665 (online bookings are currently unavailable at the moment.)

This has been a clear directive from the DHSS, and one which we are professionally and morally obligated to follow. If you attend your appointment and you do not require this level of care, we may unfortunately be required to turn you away- or face a whopping great fine.

When can we open up to all types of appointments?

We will be opening fully from the 26th of October for routine maintenance, cosmetic acupuncture, pregnancy care, and anything else.

Appointments will remain spaced out to reduce crossover of patients in the clinic. We are also maintaining our strict infection control measures.

We look forward to seeing you all in the clinic soon and reach out to us if you are unsure if you meet the criteria, or need any help at all.

Acupuncture stage 4 Melbourne

I’ve already had an appointment booked in, what happens now?

We will be sending out correspondence asking you to confirm your need for treatment (as a required treatment), or to move to telehealth for everything else.

We can post you out your herbs and supplements, and provide you with a tonne of great resources to keep you happy and well with a 20-minute telehealth session.

If your pain, stress, or injury changes prior to your appointment, and you do require care, please contact us and we can help you book in if appropriate.

How do I make an acupuncture appointment during stage 4 restrictions?

We have disabled online bookings during this time.  Instead please contact our reception directly on or phone (03) 8394 7665 to discuss your needs.

With love,

The team at Qi Medicine Acupuncture