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We are finally on our way out of winter, but you may still be feeling the winter blues and noticing that your skin has been a bit drier than usual. Dry skin at this time of year is often due to the heating we are all exposed to in these colder months. 

To combat both the winter blues and dry skin, I have put together a lovely skin mask that you can create right now with products from your kitchen. You can use this in between your facial rejuvenation acupuncture treatments with us. 

This mask is simple, effective and rejuvenating. It is wonderful pick me up and a perfect little self-care routine that will help to replenish your skin between your facial rejuvenation acupuncture sessions.

Here’s a little information about the mask ingredients and why they are so beneficial for your skin!

facial rejuvenation acupucture Melbourne


  • Oats can be used as a skin cleanser due to the saponin content—they don’t strip natural oils, making them great for dry or sensitive skin.
  • The lipids and proteins found in oats moisten and revive the skin.
  • Oat antioxidants can reverse damage caused by UV rays, pollution and harsh chemicals on the skin, making them perfect for ageing skin.
  • Oats are anti-inflammatory, which is great for eczema and psoriasis. Oats are also anti-pruritic and will help to control itching from a range of skin conditions or general dry skin. 
  • Oats can be effective in the relief of sunburn with their combination of moistening and antioxidant (healing) properties.
  • Oats provide gentle skin exfoliation.


  • Honey preserves moisture and creates softer and smoother skin.
  • Honey has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which can rejuvenate the skin and heal wounds. This is especially helpful for conditions like dermatitis,  psoriasis and generally dry skin.

Egg whites

There are four main properties in egg whites that make it a wonderful ingredient in face masks:

  • Protein repairs and nourishes the skin, leading to a healthier, younger and wrinkle reversing look.
  • Potassium preserves moisture in the skin, leaving it hydrated and feeling soft.
  • Riboflavin rids your skin of free radicals that can damage skin cells and trigger wrinkles.  
  • Magnesium is a vital for radiant and glowing skin.
  • You can create a face mask out of egg whites to maintain your skin’s natural glow and vitality.


facial rejuvenation acupuncture Melbourne

1.First, blitz ½ a cup of oats in a food processor. The finer the oats are, the less lumpy the mask will be. Using finer oats will mean you can create a spread the oats more evenly and smoothly across the skin.

2. Add a spoonful of honey and one egg white. 

3. Mix until you have a smooth consistency.

4. Apply to face. I used a brush to help apply the mask to the skin, but hands will work just fine.


5. Let the mask sit for 15 minutes. Be careful not to sit too close to your pets, as you can see they just love it as much as I do!

6. After 15 minutes, wash off with warm water. You are left with smooth glowing skin. And it lasts for days! Make sure you don’t use your usual cleanser after washing the mask off, as you will wash away all the goodness.

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Have questions about how to use face masks between facial acupuncture sessions, or how Chinese medicine can help improve your skin and general health and wellbeing?

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