What does acupuncture do on your face?

What does acupuncture do on your face face mapping

Today’s post about acupuncture for the face is written by Dr. Angela Koutsofrigas, a Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner and one of our talented staff members at Qi Medicine.

Why try acupuncture on your face?

Understanding what acupuncture can do on your face is made easier by looking first at Chinese face mapping and facial meridians.

Within Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), energy is known as Qi. More recently, Qi has been identified in scientific terms as the ‘piezoelectric current’ of the body.

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This current runs along our meridian pathways, also known as the ‘meridians’ or ‘channels’ in Chinese medicine.

There are 12 main meridian pathways in TCM, each representing a major organ system. Many of these channels start or end on the face.

In addition to meridians, you can see in our face mapping diagram below, the stomach, small and large intestine, kidneys, bladder, heart, liver and reproductive organs all have a corresponding area on the face.

How your face reflects your health

Our skin is our largest organ and the canvas we display to the world.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, our face is a map of our internal organ system. Simply put, this means that whatever is going on with our internal body will show up on our face. This is especially true when we have prolonged internal imbalances.

what does acupuncture do on your face


An example most of us can relate to is having dark circles under our eyes when we haven’t had enough sleep (kidney area).


Referring to the face map, we can see the area under the eyes is governed by the kidneys. According to Chinese medicine theory, our kidneys are the gate of our vitality. Insufficient sleep disrupts the body’s innate capacity to renew itself, which is why we might wake up looking tired with dark circles under our eyes.

What about acne?

Acne commonly appears on a part of the face that corresponds with the organ system responsible.

For example, if acne appeared on your cheeks, which according to face mapping is represented by the stomach pathway, one of our Chinese Medicine Practitioners would know to address your digestive health.

How acupuncture on the face helps

Facial acupuncture may increase blood flow to the face and ensures it gets nourished with the oxygen and nutrients carried by the blood.

The cosmetic acupuncture we provide at Qi Medicine can also help promote healthy ageing of your skin. By using acupuncture in combination with dermal roller techniques and jade stone massage, we may be able to help you reduce the stress on the skin associated with premature ageing.

Find out more about our cosmetic acupuncture treatments here

Have questions about facial acupuncture, or how Chinese Medicine can help improve your skin and wellbeing? Would you like to know how we can work together to balance your stress, pain and anything else that you’ve got going on? We’d love to hear from you.


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