Facial Yoga Method: Exercises For The Cheeks And Eye Bags

Facial yoga exercises for the cheeks and eye bags

Welcome to the third installment of our facial yoga series! Today we’ll be focusing on facial yoga exercises for your cheeks, middle of the face, lower eyelids, and mouth.

Facial yoga method for the cheeks and eye bags

In my daily practice, common complaints I hear about the cheeks and middle of the face include sagging, volume loss, jaw tension, and fine lines around the cheeks. All of this can be combated with facial yoga!

Facial yoga exercises should also be used in conjunction with cosmetic acupuncture to get the most from your treatments.

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Within traditional Chinese face reading, the cheek area can represent the lungs and grief, sadness and loss. If there is hollowness forming in the cheeks, it can indicate underlying emotional issues that need to be resolved. It can also indicate undernourishment – not eating the right foods or being able to nourish yourself in the way that you’d like.

Try these facial yoga exercises to help plump up your cheeks, boost and strengthen the facial muscles, and give your face a nice, warm glow.

As you go through each facial yoga exercise, remember to breathe and relax after each movement.

Exercise 1: Lower Cheek & Top Lip

Facial yoga for cheeks, facial yoga Melbourne

  • Place your two index fingers just below the outside of the edge of the nose. Keep your fingers firm and hold your muscles.
  • Push your lips down, in a shape similar to a pucker, resisting the pressure of the index fingers pressing down on your lower cheeks.
  • Repeat this 20 times to complete the exercise. For the best results, do this exercise a few times a day.


Exercise 2: Cheeks & Lower Eyelids

Facial yoga for cheeks Place your index fingers just below your eyes and your thumbs just below your cheeks.


Squeeze and resist the pressure of your cheeks wanting to go up with your fingers.

Repeat this 10-15 times. Do this exercise a few times a day.


Exercise 3: Cheeks, Ears, Temporomandibular Joint and Temporalis Muscle

Facial yoga method for TMJPlace your palms on your cheeks.

Sweep up. Push the fasciae up – as if you are giving yourself a facelift.

On one side of your face: push up around the ears, right from the cheek area, right into the temples and push away.

Swap to your other side.

Move in big circles over your temporalis muscles. Sweep up into the head.

Do some head work on the fascia and head muscles.

Do a little work on the neck, as it all connects with the face.

And that’s it—simple! Don’t forget to do these exercises a few times a day for best results.

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