How to improve egg quality | Femoral artery massage

How To Improve Egg Quality

Femoral artery massage ( or Myan Massage) is one of those very simple things that you can do at home, in the follicular phase, (which is the phase just after you had your period but before you ovulate) which may help improve your egg quality.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not perform this massage if you are or might be pregnant if you have high blood pressure, heart disease, circulatory problems or a history of stroke.

The follicular phase is a very important phase of the cycle because it’s about egg quality and building estrogen, cervical mucus, replenishing the endometrial lining, and getting an egg to maturation to be released; it’s a really busy part of a woman’s cycle.

How to improve egg quality with femoral artery massage?

Femoral artery massage is done so that oxygenated blood is pooled into your ovaries, which is a really useful thing in terms of growth, flushing the ovaries with fresh oxygen, and infusing them with fresh nutrients to stimulate and promote egg maturation and ovulation.

This technique is particularly useful if you have issues with ovulation, i.e. you ovulate irregularly, have PCOS or a short luteal phase, or if you have poor circulation or are over the age of 30.

This technique can also be done even if you have no real issues, just to help stimulate ovary circulation.


How to do a femoral artery massage to improve egg quality

To do the femoral artery massage, you will need a ball or something circular; it needs to be firm.

The massage is best done lying down.

Your femoral artery runs down the inside of your leg, so feel your two tendons in the inside of your legs as your artery runs down there.


Femoral artery Massage Get a ball, a cricket ball, or a massage ball and then push into it, stopping the flow of blood. You will feel a ‘cooling’ of the leg, as the blood in the femoral artery is restricted ( but is actually flushing back into the ovary itself, which sits just above the groin crease).

After 45 seconds, release the pressure and feel the warmth travel down your leg ( kind of feels like wee- then you know you have done it right!)

Repeat each side, two times each.

Do this a couple of times each side each day during the follicular phase ( after menstruation to when you ovulate. )

Not sure when you ovulate? learn how to track your basal body temperature here.

What’s next?

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