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(Updated May 2021)

I’m Dr. Zoe Rankin, a registered Doctor of Chinese Medicine at Qi Medicine Acupuncture in Melbourne.

We get many couples contacting our clinic seeking fertility Chinese medicine Melbourne. I thought you might enjoy my poetic explanation on how Chinese medicine actually works, and how it can help you flow in with nature for fertility health. Enjoy!

As the sun rises, the moon disappears, only to follow with the sun setting and the moon glowing again. Tides rise and fall, water evaporates into the sky, simply to fall from the clouds gathering into the mountains, collecting into streams, merging into rivers and flowing back out to sea.

Fertility Chinese medicine Melbourne

All life is in constant motion, following rhythmic cycles of transformative energy, which we are all a part of. All things are connected and mutually dependent upon each other. This can be conceptualized and viewed through the theory of yin and yang, which is central to Chinese medicine, which in itself is very simple, yet very profound.

When preparing for fertility it is important to connect back into our natural cycles of life in order to put our systems as close to the center of the yin-yang cycle for the balance that is necessary for life to occur naturally.

Yin is mother and earth which holds the egg and Yang is father containing the sperm to fertilize life. Yin and Yang are interdependent, meaning that without the egg or sperm, life cannot grow.

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They are in a constant dynamic balance and when one is out, one mutually consumes the other. Stress, diet, sleep are all influential factors that have the strength to change the balance of our rhythmic cycles and make it difficult for conception to occur.

Each Yin and Yang hold the seed for the other, symbolised by its traditional visual representation; a circle split, sharing the opposite colour within. Yin and yang are interchangeable working together to balance the other. This leads to the inter-transformation shared with the other, viewed by the patterns and timing of cyclic rhythms – the menstrual cycle leading from menstruation to ovulation, where the sperm may fertilize the egg, leading to the growth of a fetus in a 9-month cycle.

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For a tree trying to grow from a seed that is not in the cycle of life, the seed will find it difficult and may not be able to grow to its final stage like a strong tree. This may be because it doesn’t have enough water, or sun, or nutrients.

It could also be that the seed has fallen onto rocks, or perhaps the balance and timing between the seasonal transformations are not in flow with the yin and yang mutable energy.

chinese medicine for fertility

In Chinese medicine, these factors all play an important role in the growth of a seed in fertility, and by connecting back with the rhythms of life create stable environments for growth.

For us, we should try to incorporate and nourish these cycles. Such as sleeping when the sun goes down and waking up when the sun comes up. Drink plenty of filtered water and attempt to let go of the unnatural products that our body expects as its fuel.

chinese medicine for fertility

Start by giving your body natural organic foods as this acts as the roots for nutrition and thus healthy growth. Immerse yourself into nature, barefoot walks on the sand or watching the tides rise and fall at your feet.

Silence may also leave space for your natural energies to collect and is most efficient in a natural environment such as the forest where you may learn what nature can offer. Incorporate a stress-free mindset, let go of the things we hold onto, as your seed will choose not to begin if it already fears what is to come.

From a Chinese medicine fertility perspective, you are creating a life, therefore, practice creation by letting your creative juices flow. Bake a cake, draw a picture, knit a scarf. Be more in touch with your cycles. Whatever makes you happy, enjoy and create the happy life you want for your child in the present moment and all else will naturally follow.

What if I have more questions about acupuncture with fertility?

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