Overcome your complex mix of mood, fatigue and pain with Dr. Zoe

Dr Zoe, our newest health detective, joins the Qi Medicine team

The entire team at Qi Medicine acupuncture is ecstatic to welcome Dr. Zoe Rankin to our growing family! We couldn’t hope for a more driven, compassionate and professional Chinese medicine doctor to help you with your pain and health imbalances. We like to think of Dr. Zoe as a real health detective- She LOVES joining the dots and diving deep into the small stuff, helping you to unravel your puzzling health complaints!

A little on Dr. Zoe’s journey so far

Dr. Zoe Rankin acupuncture and Chinese medicine Dr. Zoe has a long history of thriving in the health and wellness industries, from volunteering much of her time with end-stage Altzimers sufferers (and receiving a Duke of Edinburgh ‘Bronze Award’ as a result of her efforts), to commit herself to the Strides Supportive Friends Program. For the past 5 years, Dr. Zoe has immersed herself in expanding her knowledge base, completing two Bachelor’s of health science, one majoring in acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

What Zoe can help you with

Dr. Zoe has an enthusiasm for your complex health issues; she is like a health detective working hard to unlock the causes and imbalances behind your disharmony. Do you suffer from a host of small, seemingly unrelated niggles? This may be fatigue and struggling to get out of bed in the morning, period pain or bad PMS, back and neck pain, low mood and not feeling the zest for life you used to feel, craving sugar, or sensing tightness in the chest or throat? Well, Dr. Zoe knows that this is a clear pattern of disharmony, that can be addressed with a well structured Chinese medicine and acupuncture approach.

Watch Dr. Zoe’s interview with Sheena below:

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