The hidden emotions in your face: the meanings behind lines and wrinkles.

how lines and wrinkles hide our emotions

Have you ever caught yourself studying one particular area of your face in the mirror and pondered- what caused that line or wrinkle to form? Is it just that I am getting old?

You may be interested to know that there is a very strong link between the power of our emotions and the lines on our face. As a cosmetic acupuncturist and a registered Chinese medicine practitioner, understanding facial lines and their significance is very important when it comes to the diagnosis and treatment- not only of cosmetic issues- but health problems as well.

Meaning of lines and wrinkles I have outlined some of the more common facial lines and their emotional significance- this may tell you a little about what you are struggling with at the moment and what you may need a little extra help with. You may also find some old, unresolved issues hanging around here too which you weren’t even aware!

Forehead lines: Worry, shock, and anxiety

Forehead furrows are often associated with unresolved trauma and shock in the past. Over worry and anxiety can lead to the frequent raising of the eyebrows and a build-up of energy in the brow, which can ‘freeze’ over time. If you tend to anxiety and ‘over-thinking things’, you may also find fine horizontal lines developing here too. Those with forehead lines are often sufferers of recurring headaches and neck pain.

Crow’s feet: frustration, tension, decision making, happiness

Soft crow’s feet are desirable and indicate a happy individual. When they become deep and fixed it can indicate tension and frustration, and a lot of time spent making difficult decisions. It is interesting may women will get Botox to get rid of crows feet, but this may also take away their ‘happy’ expression too.

Jaw tension: resentment, anger, unexpressed emotions

What I feel is the most common facial disharmony in women today -a tight jaw- indicates a lack of self-expression, giving too much to others and not feeling like they can speak their mind. This creates energy blockages and results in resentment and anger towards others and the world around them. Are you a teeth grinder, do you need to wear a brace at night? And if you do grind your teeth or have a tight jaw, acupuncture is a proven method of releasing this pain.

Lip lines: bad habits and under-nourishment of the self

Upper lip lines are associated more frequently with smoking but are also indicative of other damaging habits such as eating disorders and not recognising the good in the world (bitterness). Prominent vertical lip lines often indicate under-nourishment of the self, denial of self-support physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Frown lines: Frustration, impatience, suffering, concentration

Occasionally individuals with a deep line or two between the eyes (what I call the eleven’s) are just deep thinkers with a busy mind and don’t necessarily have a strong negative emotional connection with the lines. I often find this in women with powerful, challenging careers such as lawyers, judges, CEO’s (and of course small business owners). On a deeper level, however, frown lines can indicate frustration and impatience with the world or deep and prolonged suffering.

Lines under the eyes: grief, sadness, lost love, stress

Lines under the eyes can indicate a deep sadness and grief over a lost love or longing. They can also indicate someone who has a stressful lifestyle and may not spend enough time nourishing and supporting themselves. Energetically, you would see these lines appear in the areas where tears would fall when grieving for a lost love. I frequently see these lines forming frequently in women who are struggling with their fertility and need extra support with Chinese medicine to help them bring the joy of a baby into their lives.

Nose lines: sadness, anger

Associated with the smile, if this line is deep and its skin droopy it can indicate someone who has experienced sadness and disappointment in their life and finds it difficult to smile. It may also indicate a need to treat chronic gut issues and is something I often take into account when it comes to overall health.

Mouth and lower cheeks: grief, sadness, anxiety

A dropping mouth and jowls can indicate grief, sadness, and suffering. The neck muscles play a large role in the formation of jowls so it is important also to keep these stretched and supple with facial yoga (more on facial yoga here).

Anxiety can also cause contraction and disharmony in the lower mouth and neck and prevent relaxed, free movement of the neck. The front of the neck is the number one most vulnerable area on any human being. Those with a tight neck and restriction are cowering from the world, fearful of any harm that may come to them.

Treating emotional disharmony in the face

Now I know you may be looking in the mirror thinking ‘eek! I’m a wreck!’ But not so. As a human being, you are designed to carry some emotion in your face- it helps you relate to others and make strong connections with your loved ones. Don’t be afraid of showing your emotions and definitely don’t feel you need to ‘paralyze’ them with Botox or fillers. Your lines tell the story of your beautiful, unique life and should be shared.

Cosmetic acupuncture for facial lines

If you are feeling however that there are some unresolved or stuck emotions that are dominating your face and you feel you need help to shift, then a course of cosmetic acupuncture could be your answer. Cosmetic acupuncture works from the inside out, helping to address health and emotional imbalances that may manifest on the face and in the skin.

Chinese medicine and acupuncture may help pinpoint areas of struggle for you and gently assist you through a healing process. At Qi Medicine, we recognise this journey can be difficult, so only work on what the body and mind are ready to cope with at that time.

If you would like to know more about cosmetic acupuncture you can read all about it here, and if you feel you would like to chat to a professional about how they can help you then get in touch with one of the practitioners at Qi Medicine here. I hope you found a little more about yourself today with understanding your facial lines, and are feeling happier in your own skin.


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