Facial yoga for the mouth, smile lines and cheeks.

Facial yoga smile lines

facial yoga video 2: facial yoga for the mouth, smile lines, and cheeks.

In the first installment of our facial yoga series, we focused on the neck area, jowls, and jawline.

You can check out the first video for neck facial yoga here.

In the second installment of our facial yoga series, we will be focusing on the nasolabial lines, also known as ‘Mouth lines’ or ‘Smile lines’.

In my practice, I see so many women who complain of deep lines around the mouth and fine lines around the lips.

These lines (also known as smoker’s lines, although they are not exclusive to smokers) can be combated with facial yoga. and can be used in conjunction with your cosmetic acupuncture to really enhance the effects of your treatments.

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Facial yoga exercise 1: Lip press

Facial yoga for the mouth, smile lines and cheeks- lip press The first exercise is focused on the fine ‘smokers’ lines around the mouth.

  1. Press your lips together.
  2. Whilst holding them together, turning your head from left to right.

Doing this exercise will help stimulate blood flow around the lips and smoothen and stretch skin that’s been puckered in around lip as well.

This exercise is also great at stretching and releasing neck tension, which can contribute to facial sagging.

Facial yoga exercise 2: line eraser

A lot of the fine lines and wrinkles that form around the mouth are due to collagen and elastin loss.

Facial yoga for the mouth, smile lines and cheeks line eraser By increasing blood flow to the skin and the muscles, we can actually help stimulate our collagen and elastin production in the skin, and to do this, massage is essential.

  1. place two fingers of each hand on either side of the mouth and gently rub them through the nasolabial lines.
  2. It feels great and it can also help clear the nose if you’ve got sinus problems.

There are some amazing acupuncture points around the nose area and around the mouth, and by using these in conjunction with facial yoga you can boost collagen, elastin and stimulate the muscles.

This is the technique that we at Qi Medicine Acupuncture use in our treatment with the jade stone, but you can easily do it at home with your own hands and literally massage the lines away!

Facial yoga exercise 3: Line eraser from the inside out

A great technique for treating the nasolabial lines is rubbing them from the inside out using your tongue.

Facial yoga for the mouth, smile lines and cheeks line eraser tongue It is a bit of a tongue workout, too, but fantastic for the whole mouth. Exercising the tongue is a really important part of yoga and will help to strengthen all your mouth muscles.

  1. Get the point of your tongue and literally rub the line up from the inside out and breathe.
  2. Remember, this is yoga so you need to relax and be in a good rhythm, so make sure you’re breathing properly when doing these exercises.

This technique is tough on the tongue, but it feels really good, and you can really feel a stretch in the muscles of the mouth. So by massaging the area around the mouth, it will help to minimize the depth and strength of the nasolabial lines.

Facial yoga exercise 4:

Finally, a great way to give your skin a rosy glow and stimulate the skin is to just give it a pinch.

Facial yoga for the mouth, smile lines and cheeks pinching

This will help to regenerate skin growth and treat the underlying fascia (which is the connective tissue that surrounds the muscles). The fascia is really important in facial yoga and a lot of people aren’t really aware of it or how it works.

Energetically, if you do have quite deep lines around the nasolabial area, it usually indicates that you’re someone who’s quite driven and has quite a strong life’s purpose.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, but if you do find that they look a bit heavy and they’re kind of weighing you down, it could just be that you’re overly fatigued and you need to rest a little bit more and re-assess where you’re going in life.

Make sure that you’re spending your energy on the things that you really should be doing to nourish your soul.

If you have lots of small fine lines around the mouth, and you’re not a smoker, this usually indicates, in facial diagnosis, that we’re over nourishing others.

So you’re actually giving too much of yourself and too much of your energy in loving and caring for other people and not taking enough for yourself. This is something to think about if you do find you really struggle with these areas.

Have a great time practicing these facial yoga techniques!

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